(Or: What is this site about?)

So, first of all, this site is not a fan fiction site.

images2Well, that might not be true in the long run.  The site may ultimately fulfill many functions and some moderate fan fiction might end up on its pages; at this point, I can’t guarantee one way or another.

What this site is definitely about is dreams and innocence, about a rekindling of childhood wonder.  It’s about refuting and combating evil and hatred using a beloved, yuletide trope.  It’s about a journey of creation and imagination, of exercising a different side of my artistic soul, something more tactile and physical.  Finally -and most importantly- its about a promise, about a re-affirmation of (and a testament to) my love for my wife and about giving her something special and unique, something she can get nowhere else and from virtually no one else.

For Christmas, I purchased my wife the Lionel O Gauge Hogwarts Express.  It’s a sizable electric model train with real weight and presence and gives some very pleasant fan service from the Harry Potter movies to events surrounding the train.   My wife had been longing for it for several years; she dreamed of a ‘train going around the Christmas tree’, but until this last year, it seemed unlikely we’d be able to get one for her.  Due to a number of reasons (which I’ll explained in my next couple of posts), I felt this last Christmas was the most opportune time.

The basic setup is nice, a dozen or so segments that make a  smallish oval, perhaps big enough to go around a tree.  Yet as nice as the train itself is, a model train is like anything else in life: the journey is part of the magic of the experience and this train essentially was simply going in circles.  So, I decided to make part of the gift a continuing promise to add more sections and more scenery so that it would be come something as truly magical as its namesake.

This site is a journal about creating the Burnesyd Magical Muggle Railway and the steps I am taking conceptualizing it, constructing it and implementing it.  It’s about sharing this with others, both for those seeking to accomplish something similar and for those that simply enjoy D.I.Y. projects.  It’s also going to be something of a thought journal and *maybe* some gentle attempts at serious (respectful) Harry Potter fan fiction as a narrative tool for what’s occurring in real life with the project.

But before I go any more into what I plan to do and the journey that I plan to take (accompanied by any readers), before we really did into the ‘HOW’ of it, perhaps now is the time to visit Dumbledore’s pensieve and explore the ‘WHY’…

to be continued…









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