I’ve been working on the railroad…

Working on the railroadI do swear that I have!

If perhaps, not necessarily ‘the live-long day’.  I apologize for not having posted anything ‘train-related’ lately.  There has been a lot of things occurring ‘offline’ that inhibited my ability to finish my current Burnesyd Magical Muggle Railway project.  The good news is that the project in question is our first YouTube video, which will be a vlog companion to my posts explaining both the Lionel O-gauge Hogwarts Express train set and its Harry Potter/Pottermore-defined history.

I am currently working through editing my first video while enduring the growing pains that go with learning a host of new software, so please forgive my tardiness. Once I have the video prepared, there will be an infusion of new content within a 24-hour period followed by a more regular pace moving forward.  Hopefully, my next video/blog combo will not be as difficult to finish.  Given that I’ll be past many of those unavoidable first-of’s, I’m confident I should be more fluent next time.


Site update!

If you’re reading this post on the project blog itself, you may (or may not) have noticed that we now have a domain name.  That’s right! Our new domain name is http://www.mugglerailways.com so please update your browsers to the new site name.  The domain name registry also came with an upgrade in the WordPress account, so a number of new design and functionality upgrades are available for the site. Once I have the ability to evaluate what I may want to change, it would be reasonable to anticipate some additional changes in the future.  Don’t expect serious changes; if  there is a feature you’d like to see or a change you feel should be made, please feel free to comment on this post.


Disharmonious PBC

One comment that has been made to me concerning the blog is that my latest post, Five Men at a Table, seems out of place on this blog and would be better suited to my writerly blog site, The Write Path. My conceit was that I have a section dedicated to non-BMMR posts, but I ultimately have to agree that posts of its type would truly be better suited to the other blog.  While I am proud of the post’s content and would still encourage you to read it and (even better) try to come up with your own list, I’ll not be directly posting those types of posts on this site anymore.  I may still forward a post from my other blog, but only if I feel it is particularly noteworthy or otherwise bears some importance to my project, model trains or Harry Potter in general.  If you’d like to also subscribe to my other blog just follow the link above.


What’s further down the tracks?

So, before I end this post, let me give you a small preview of what’s coming soon.  Of course, I have the two blog posts about the Hogwarts Express, as well as the video on YouTube.  I also have done a few sample layouts and worked through to the final layout, so I’ll be sharing that soon as well.  There will be an accompanying video for that, so it will be a two-for-one as well.  That post is actually pretty significant as it represents an important and significant milestone in the project.

Everything up until now has been explaining the project and providing information; with a schematic in hand and exact measurements, the next step is to begin construction.  Expect to start seeing posts with much more technical information, including sketches, schematics and solid data that you could begin using for your own construction, if you so chose to.  It’s really an exciting time in the Burnesyd Magical Muggle Railway project and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!





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