Owl Post! May 26th

I wanted to post something short, just to identify what has been going on and why there seems to have been a lull since my last flurry of posts.  A lot has been occurring in the last two weeks and I am just now finishing a straight seven day work week due to a change in my schedule.  Aside from that I’ve been trying to get more sleep, so that’s altered my usual work scheduled a bit as well.  This coming weekend I’m taking some downtime and hope to complete a lot of BMMR work.  In addition to all of that, I’ve been posting on my writing website and will soon be publishing a three installment blog series, so drop by if you’re interested in that side of my work.

As for the project, it is reaching the end of its preliminary planning stages and will soon move directly into fabrication.  Within the next week, I’ll be posting about the stages we went through in determining the final layout.  I’ll also be posting a detailed entry about the conception and planning for the basic display units we’ll be using, whimsically called ‘Sandwiches’.  We’re getting very close to getting things rolling, building the railway display and I’m very excited to share more as we reach each step.

  Prof.  Burnesyd.

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